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Raw sausages


The fermentation of raw sausages is a technologically sophisticated process with many influencing factors that have to be mastered. Meat Cracks Technologie GmbH has been investigating these parameters for many years in the climatic chambers at our own technical-centre. Ranging from products of the M-FERMENTIC range to our M-CULTURE starter- and protective cultures and on-site application consulting, our customers benefit from our many years of experience in this area. 

Meat Cracks M-FERMENTIC products are seasonings, functional mixtures and combi-products for the production of different raw sausage specialties such as:

  • M-FERMENTIC Classic
  • M-FERMENTIC Garlic
  • M-FERMENTIC Peperoni
  • M-FERMENTIC Pizza Classic
  • M-FERMENTIC Mediterran
  • M-FERMENTIC Pfefferbeißer
  • M-FERMENTIC Zwiebelmett
  • YOUR customized M-FERMENTIC mixture

Experience has repeatedly shown that every process in every single company must be considered individually and places different requirements on the used products and maturing programs. To meet these requirements, the customized M-FERMENTIC products and our technological on-site support during the implementation stage targets exactly these challenges.  


Raw cured products


Curing, drying and smoking are the oldest methods of food preservation. Even though these methods can still generally be used for the production of raw cured products, nowadays the majority of chemical and physical processes involved have been identified. Equipped with this knowledge, one is now able to control these processes. Reproducible qualities and targeted process control have become possible and have replaced the principle of coincidence.  

The Meat Cracks Technologie GmbH has extensive experience with the technology of raw cured products and has delved into the topic of reaching an even and complete reddening of raw cured products which are made of bigger muscle pieces. Based on this and other research projects, several compounds and starter cultures for different applications have been developed. 

We take advantage of the fact that all components such as M-CURE curing products- curing agents and seasoning – and M-CULTURE starter cultures can be matched in such way so that they are fully effective in the product.

Meat Cracks M-CURE products are seasonings, functional curing mixtures and combi-products for the production of various raw cured products:

  • M-CURE Würfelschinken
  • M-CURE Schinkenspeck
  • M-CURE Bauernschinken
  • M-CURE Italienischer Landschinken
  • M-CURE Kernschinken
  • M-CURE Bündnerfleisch
  • YOUR customized M-CURE mixture

Besides developing the right product for each and every application, Meat Cracks deals with process control and the development of a suitable application recipe. We would like to share our experiences with our customers in technological on-site consultations.