The fastest salami of the world

Driving success with the "Turbo-Salami"

The competences of both companies, Meat Cracks and Maurer-Atmos, are combined under the heading "Meat Alliance".

The cooperation really has paid off: By adding product- and process-matched starter- and protective cultures (Meat Cracks) as well as the latest maturing technology (Maurer-Atmos) the production time is reduced by more than 30 percent – with maximum taste.


CMP = Continuous Maturing Process

  • Complete consistency of product
  • Significant savings in processing time and energy
  • Optimal utilization of footprint and room height


salamifixx® = Turbo-Salami

  • Microbiology/Starter cultures
  • Fermentic-Booster
  • Know-how in salami production

30% less production time

We are accelerating your process

With the salamifixx® (Turbo-Salami) from Meat Cracks and the CMP (Continuous Maturing Process) from Maurer-Atmos, your salami production increases extraordinarily:

Better taste despite less maturing time, energy and costs?

No problem, because the addition of product- and process-matched starter and protective cultures as well as the latest maturing technology reduces the production time by more than 30 percent – despite better fermentation results.

Microorganisms in food

Starter- and protective cultures

Meat- and sausage products provide, like many other foods, an ideal breeding ground for both beneficial and harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, yeasts and fungi. Harmful microorganisms and pathogenic germs spoil food up to full inedibility, which can lead to dangerous food-borne infections. On the other hand, beneficial microorganisms are not only able to suppress spoilage microorganisms and therewith increase food safety, they also significantly improve colour and taste of the products.

Starter cultures are microorganisms that support the fermentatin process of raw sausage products and raw cured products with their microbiological and enzymatic properties in many ways. M-CULTURE® starter- and protective cultures from Meat Cracks meet the highest standards of the sausage- and meat industry. They ensure best fermentation results, promote outstanding sensory properties and guarantee optimal product safety.

M-CULTURE® starter cultures have a positive effect on the lactic acid formation, pH-value reduction and flavor development as well as on the catalase, drying and rapidity. They also support the colour stability, firmness and the suppression of undesired bacteria.

The M-CULTURE® starter cultures are a highly functional mixture consisting of lactic acid bacteria, pediococci and staphylococci.

Meat Cracks offers:


Broad range of different, customizable culture strains


Definition of the exactly required range of services


Development and production of specifically optimized culture mixtures


Private labels

Maturation, stabilisation and protection

The user is always on the safe side with Meat Cracks M-CULTURE® starter- and protective cultures.

Continuous maturation system

Continuous Maturing Process System CMP

Industrial rooms for pre-maturing, cold-smoking, post-maturing and drying
CMP is short for Continuous Maturing Process and represents our continuous maturation system. With this technology, we distinguish ourselves from all other systems through shorter processing times, product uniformity combined with increased product capacity.


Continuously fast, consistent and reproducible processes:
This unique system is able to perform the maturing and drying process without any breaks. Due to the control of relative humidity and temperature for inlet and outlet air it is possible to treat products without any variation. The system is able to move the air continuously (100 % of the time) without any rest period.



Complete consistency meaning max. 1 % deviation in the entire processing room


Saving up to 30 % processing time


Significant energy savings


Optimal utilisation of footprint and room height with full trolley loading up to 6 m in height


Up to 250 % more product can be produced on the same footprint than with comparable systems


Sanitary design (length welds in channels made by robots)


Fully insulated air handling unit


Fully insulated ducts outside the processing room


All coils made of stainless material


No expensive hollow fillets necessary


Fully automatic loading and unloading

An excellent symbiosis exists with our sister company VeMaC. Their AGV can be used in our system, so that fully automatic loading and unloading is possible. These automatic ground vehicles are controlled by a control station, automatically measure weight loss. Multiple rooms can be served with one AGV.

Unique CMP technique by Maurer-Atmos