The M-BLEND product range from Meat Cracks offers various spice mixtures for enhancing fresh meat products, convenience applications and module systems for the production of soups, sauces and marinades.

Countless flavours from country-specific seasonings to various BBQ products and unusual sauce variations make this product range very diverse. Our experienced development team is always looking forward to research and develop new, creative and innovative ideas of our customers.

Depending on the targeted product and the application, the seasoning components are complemented by technologically effective components. Chicken seasoning salts with especially good colour stability, mixtures for meatballs and burger patties which promote an even browning or products for the production of freeze/thaw stable sauces are included in our product portfolio.

Our M-Blend range at a glance:





M-BLEND Frikadelle Classic


M-BLEND Troco Currysauce


M-BLEND Flüco Currysauce


M-BLEND Smoker Crunch


M-BLEND California Pikant


YOUR customized M-BLEND mixture

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