Cooked sausages

Spread, pâté or in plain English: the good old liver sausage. This product group consists of various sausage specialties with different meat recipes and taste characteristics. The right cutter technologies combined with efficient cutter process aids ensure the product typical texture. From coarse and fibrous to creamy, texture and flavour are responsible for the typical character of the product.

With the M-SPREAD product range, the Meat Cracks Technologie GmbH develops the right combination of functional additives and spices for every specific application and, if desired, we are happy to support the implementation of the application recipe into your production process.

Unser M-Spread Sortiment im Überblick:

Meat Cracks M-SPREAD products are seasonings, cutter process aids and emulsifiers for the production of various cooked sausage specialties such as:


M-SPREAD Leberwurst „fein“


M-SPREAD Leberwurst „grob“


M-SPREAD Leberwurst „creamy“




YOUR customized
M-SPREAD mixture

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