Cooked cured products

Besides boiled sausages, cooked cured products are one of the strongest product groups on the meat product market worldwide. From traditionally produced cooked ham to reformed meat products and meat preparations similar to cooked ham, this product group offers a variety of meat products with different requirements in regard to functional properties and taste qualities of the used spices and additives.

The M-BRINE range offers a wide range of products which care for all typical parameters such as taste, yield, cut, texture and reddening. The efficiency of the technologically effective components in the product and the process stability requirements (e.g. brine solubility, injectability, pumpability) have always been the focus of the development work.

The Meat Cracks Technologie GmbH offers a wide range of M-BRINE products for various cooked ham specialties complemented by solution-orientated and customized product development:

Our M-Brine range at a glance:


M-BRINE Deli-Schinken


M-BRINE Metzgerschinken


M-BRINE Jambon au Lait


M-BRINE Putenbrust


M-BRINE Ham Eco 50-80


YOUR customized
M-BRINE mixture

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