M-ProTec by M Food Group

Added safety

Food products must be natural, healthy, delicious and, above all, safe to eat. The term “food safety” has progressed from being an added benefit to become a must-have, especially when it comes to sensitive foods like sausage and meat, and rightly so.

Long-standing experience with starter and protective cultures in the sausage and meat industry, as well as a keen sense for the trends to come in the food industry, have enabled Meat Cracks, a company based in Steinfeld (Germany), to bolster its position as a supplier of biological food safety products.

Meat and sausage products - like so many other food products - are the perfect breeding ground for micro-organisms with both negative and positive effects (bacteria, yeast and fungi). Negatively acting micro-organisms and pathogenic germs cause food to decompose until it is completely inedible, and can even lead to dangerous foodborne infections (listeria, salmonella, EHEC, VTEC).

“In this sense, protection against listeria is just one of the pillars of our extensive safety portfolio,” says Gregor Scheffer, managing partner of Meat Cracks GmbH. “We offer versatile systems for log reduction in a wide variety of products”.

Detectably safe food

New label for better clarity

Meat Cracks already has several strong brands on the market. The well-known M-CULTURE® and M-SAFE® product lines, for example, offer high quality, technologically sophisticated products that are highly safe, but that is by no means all. Other shelf-life products from the M-BLEND® line have been proven to extend product shelf life and freshness.

“We strive to achieve the greatest possible degree of food safety and to make safe food products even safer,” explains Scheffer, “and that is why we have added the M-ProTec® label to our Meat Cracks brand world.”

“Therefore, all Meat Cracks products that promote consistent product quality assurance of provably safe food products receive our M-ProTec® by Meat Cracks label”.

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